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Debt counseling, often called credit counseling, is designed to help people get out of credit card debt while providing consumers with the financial education they need to stay debt free for life.

Debt counseling agencies are typically non-profit credit counseling services that provide a FREE debt analysis to determine if you would benefit from enrollment into a debt management plan. If you qualify, you will enjoy the convenience of making just one simple monthly payment with reduced interest rates, to an agency that will disburse payments to each of the creditors that you have included on the program.

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Non-Profit Debt Management Services

The average American household carries around $15,355 in credit card debt and over $712 billion in total credit card debt is held by U.S. Consumers.. By lowering your interest rates you are not only able to pay your debt back in a fraction of the time but you can also save yourself thousands in unwanted interest payments over the course of the program leaving you extra money to save for your future.

Eliminating credit card debt can help take an unnecessary burden off both you and your family. Living under constant stress and worries about making your monthly payments can take its toll. Call now to speak with our certified credit counselors today and let us help take that burden off your shoulders.

You will be working with an A+ BBB Rated credit counseling agency and their certified credit counselors to help you reach your financial goals to becoming debt free.

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Step 1

Gather your unsecured bills and statements that you wish to include in your debt management program.

Step 2

Call today and speak with a certified credit counselor from a licensed non-profit A+ Rated BBB debt management agency.

Step 3

A credit counselor can assist you in planning out a budget along with lowering your credit card rates to ensure a lower monthly payment and timely payoff.

Credit Counseling

Credit counseling is a helpful service that we offer to consumers who are looking to find ways out of debt while saving time and money off their payments. Our consumer credit counseling professionals are nationally certified debt experts who will perform and in-depth analysis of your financial situation to help identify ways for you to save money and get out of debt.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is a safe, effective way to responsibly pay your credit card debt. You’ll make one simple payment every month and we’ll pay your creditors, all while saving you time and money. Our clients see average interest rate reductions of 64%, reducing their monthly payments by around 25%.

Student Loan Counseling

Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt and is now ranked #2 in terms of debts that Americans are holding, second only to mortgage debt. Our student loan counselors will review your entire financial profile, including your federal student loans, and work with you to find an affordable solution.

Bankruptcy Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling is approved by the U.S. Justice Department’s EOUST to offer the educational courses that consumers need in order to file and complete a bankruptcy petition. Before filing, consumers must first complete the pre-filing course and must complete the post-filing debtor education course to get a certificate.

Are YOU ready to get out of credit card debt?

If you are tired of making your credit card payments every month, and not seeing your balances going down, take a few minutes to speak to one of our certified counselors to learn your options. Debt doesn’t have to be forever. Call now and become Debt Free today!

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What are the Benefits?

Consumers who enroll in a debt management program from a non-profit debt counseling agency typically enjoy several benefits, all designed to help you get out of credit card debt simply, safely, and with as little cost to you as possible. When people choose to pay their credit card debts on their own and making just the minimum monthly payments, they could be paying these balances down for decades.

Is Credit Counseling Right for You?

A typical clients’ interest rates are reduced, on average, from around 22% down to just 8%… a 65% reduction! This benefit results in 25% lower monthly payments and complete debt repayment in an average of just 50-60 months!

The best part about going through a debt counseling session with a certified counselor is that there is absolutely no obligation for you to become a client and our certified credit counselors will provide you with a debt analysis for free. During this free debt analysis, a counselors will review your income, expenses, and overall financial situation and develop a customized action plan to help you reach your goals of becoming debt free.

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